[Efficacy and role of Siwu Tang]_Siwu Tang_Benefits_Possibility

[Efficacy and role of Siwu Tang]_Siwu Tang_Benefits_Possibility

Siwu Tang is a soup made from the four ingredients of angelica, cooked land, Chuanxiong, and Baiji. It has a good nourishing effect on women. Therefore, many female friends in life especially like to eat it.

In fact, Siwutang is not only good for women, it also has a lot of effects and functions, everyone must understand!


Correct anemia: Intraperitoneal injection of methylcellulose (MC) into rats or mice can cause experimental anemia; splenomegaly and renal failure, and high animal mortality.

The normal n-butanol extract can reduce the mortality of this model mouse, and the hematological observation also shows that it has anti-anemia effect, but it has no effect on the model rat.

In the case of bathemia anemia caused by benzoic acid, the water extract of this medicine has only a slight inhibitory effect.

In the case of acute hemorrhagic anemia caused by bloodletting in mice, after oral administration of the drug, observations of the ratio of granulocytes to red blood cells, the percentage of nucleated cells, bone marrow examination, and the shape and number of differentiation staining have been found to improve the hemopoietic function and promote theRecovery, Sijunzi decoction with simple qi supplementing formula is weaker than this formula.

It also has a certain therapeutic effect on rats with hemolytic anemia, but the earlier Sijunzi Decoction is weak.

This formula has increased the formation and fractionation of red blood cells, hemoglobin, reticulocytes and other blood in experimental acute hemorrhagic anemia animals to varying degrees, with hemoglobin increasing significantly.


Anti-radiation damage: Before lethal dose of radiation to normal mice, intraperitoneal injection of 200mg / kg Siwutang methanol extract can obtain better protection effect.

This effect is not given to the prescription after radiation exposure. This protective effect is related to Chuanxiong, and angelica and paeonia have auxiliary effects.


Anti-platelet aggregation and anti-thrombosis: Siwutang has a significant inhibitory effect on ADP-induced platelet aggregation in rabbits. This effect is achieved by increasing AMP concentration and ferulic acid content in platelets.

In the antibody extrathrombosis experiment, no thrombus appeared in the Siwutang group, and the prolonged thrombus length (mm), wet weight (mg), and dry weight (mg) were 0.

2 ± 0.

61, 77.

8 ± 14.

51, 35.

7 ± 4.



Anti-hypoxia: the mice underwent overall hypoxia at normal pressure, replaced myocardial hypoxia induced by adrenaline, brain hypoxia induced by ligation of the common carotid artery, and hypoxia caused by sodium nitrite poisoning.Hydrophilic extraction of Siwutang 0.

1ml / 10g body weight), survival time (minutes) is 7 respectively.

57 ± 1.

68, 6.

22 ± 0.

74, 4.

67 ± 1.

35, 52.

5 ± 4.

1, and (peritoneal injection of the same amount of normal saline) survival time (minutes) were 5

71 ± 0.


19 ± 0.

84, 2.

82 ± 1.

10, 25.8 ± 7.

It has been proved that Siwu Decoction has better anti-hypoxia effect.


Resistant to free radical damage: After receiving O3 stimulation, young rats can produce physical strength, cold protection ability and reduced hypoxia tolerance to replace the decline in physiological functions of aging animals, and Siwu Tang has the above indicators on aging models.Significant improvement.

The activity of MAO-B in the brain of the experimental model group increased, showing biochemical changes consistent with the aging animals.

In the local group, the chemiluminescence inhibitory rate of serum increased, and the activity of SOD increased; the content of lipid peroxides in plasma, brain, and liver tissue and the activity of brain MAO-B decreased; there was a dose-effect relationship between different doses.


Inhibition of granulation proliferation: An adjuvant granulation sac was made in ddy mice, and Shiwuchang (50-200mg / kg) was intraperitoneally administered. We found that the wet weight of granulation and the volume of new blood vessels can be inhibited in a dose-replacement manner, with the greatest inhibition.The rate reaches 40%.

The inhibitory effect of Siwu Decoction on granulomatous proliferation, the chuanxiong which constitutes the crude drug, Angelica sinensis plays a major role, and its mechanism of action is by inhibiting the growth of vascular smooth muscle cells.

The promotion effect of 10% calf serum of cultured vascular smooth muscle cells on proliferation, Siwu Decoction (4-500 μg / ml) is the dosage inhibition, the maximum inhibition rate is 46%.


Inhibition of uterine muscle activity: Angelica, Baiji, Chuanxiong, Lycium barbarum, Xiangfu, Licorice as the basic formula, when its concentration is 1 × 10-2 (g / ml), it can inhibit the spontaneous movement of the uterus of the rat with a significant frequencyDecreased, muscle tension decreased slightly, frequency of 5 consecutive minutes before and after the average suppression of replacement.


Use this side 2.

The setting of 5ml / kg (5g / kg) duodenum has a significant inhibitory effect on the frequency of spontaneous movement of the rabbit’s uterus.

About 60-70 minutes later, the average frequency reduction was reduced by 42%, and muscle tone changes were not significant.

However, this formula has no effect on the contraction amplitude of spontaneous movement in rat uterus and rabbit uterus.

When the present concentration is 1 × 10-2 (g / ml), the concentration of prostaglandin F2α can be reduced to 2.

The uterine contraction response caused by 5 × 10-7 (g / ml), muscle tension increased slightly and frequency decreased.


Regulation of immune function: Through the lymphocyte transformation test and active plaque test, it is shown that this formula has a significant promotion effect on cellular immune response.

To 4 × 10-7 / ml spleen cell suspensions, 2 μg / ml HC and 2 mg / ml Siwu Tang were added, and their OD values were 0.

326 ± 0.

037, 0.

696 ± 0.

159, showing that this formula can counteract the inhibitory effect of HC on lymphocyte proliferation; delayed-type skin hypersensitivity (DCH) in anti-CY-inhibited mice and sheep erythrocytes (SRBC) in anti-CY-sensitized miceIt has a certain effect on anti-CY inhibition of the carbon particle content clearance rate in mice.


Supplementary trace elements: Cu, Zn, Mn, and Fe were measured by flame atomic absorption method, and Ni, Cd, Po, and Cr were measured by graphite furnace atomic absorption method. Many of these trace elements are related to blood production.

Supplement phospholipids and vitamins: Detect total phospholipids 0 in Siwu Decoction by molybdenum blue colorimetry.

025mg / g, vitamin C61 was determined in this formula by high performance liquid chromatography.

20mg / g, folic acid 0.

212mg / g.