5 kinds of yam cooked land medicated diet is very suitable

5 kinds of yam cooked land medicated diet is very suitable

Medicinal diet is not a general nutritious food, it is a functional food called in modern times.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is matched with food, which can make the medicine taste and help the medicine, and change the “good medicine bitterness” into “good medicine delicious”.

Therefore, medicated diet is a delicious dish that gives full play to the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, which can especially satisfy the nature of people who are “disgusted with medicine and happy to eat”.

  Initially, the medicated diet suitable for some people in winter was analyzed.

  Hypertensive patients eat more Tremella can be anti-thrombotic hypertension patients in the winter diet first pay attention to low salt, light.

In addition, you can eat foods that are good for your condition, but remember that you can’t take medicated food casually.

  For hypertensive patients, Tremella is very good.

Traditionally, it is believed that it can nourish yin and nourish the lungs, and is especially suitable for autumn and winter.

Modern nutrition also found that Tremella polysaccharide has antithrombotic function, so patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and hyperlipidemia do not prevent eating.

  May wish to drink this tea often in winter-seaweed, cassia seeds, Polygonum multiflorum decoction for tea, plus red adzuki beans can treat hyperlipidemia.

  Although patients with hypertension can take ginseng in moderation, it must be taken only after the blood pressure is stable, and it should be taken in small amounts for a long time.

Because American ginseng has a two-way regulating effect on blood pressure, and taking American ginseng also depends on whether it is consistent with personal fitness, and the doctor decides whether it can be taken.

  Diarrhea children with spleen and stomach damage should take yam Taizishen. Many children have diarrhea in winter. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is mainly because summer consumption is very large.symptom.

  And adults, some just lurk in the body, not happen immediately, once the food is cold or the body is cold, they will also have diarrhea.

This is a sign that the spleen and stomach have been harmed.

  Chinese yam (Huaishan): It is a good medicinal material for strengthening the spleen. It is mild in nature and can be eaten with soup. It is also good to add codonopsis.

  Peilan, lotus leaf, Magnolia officinalis: It is effective for removing the wet dampness in summer, bad for the spleen and stomach, and indigestion. It is also very easy to buy in pharmacies.

  Prince ginseng: This thing is produced in North Fujian, and it is very convenient to buy. It is used with Huang Jing to cook soup, both tonic and spleen.

Especially when symptoms of lung injury such as dry mouth and dry throat have appeared, you can add Pseudostellaria heterophylla at the same time.

  Ingredients for Radix Pseudostellariae Huangjing Boiled Chicken Soup: 15 grams each of Radix Pseudostellariae and Huang Jing, 30 grams of yam, one of ginger.

  Method: Put all ingredients together in a cold water pot, boil and stew, and add salt and other condiments before leaving the pot.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, Jianpi appetizer.

  Patients with liver disease can eat more mushrooms and stewed tofu. Patients with liver disease are afraid of overwintering, and there are many parties, festivals, and eating well, all of which are a test for disease control.

In fact, patients with liver disease say that they do not suffer.

For example, you have to eat hot pot, but you can’t choose a tube-bone hot pot with a high amount of traces. You should eat more fish, vegetables, konjac, and soy products.

  Those who like to drink soup may wish to make more stewed tofu with mushrooms. This soup not only lowers fat, is good for adult liver, but also antiviral, and good for hepatitis.

  You can also drink celery red jujube soup, or drink it with celery smashed juice and honey, which can clear away the heat and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

  Children with anorexia Qiwei boiled eggs for children with anorexia children are in the stage of growth and development, physical function is weaker than adults, a little cold, or improper diet will make children anorexia, poor appetite.

  Children who often have anorexia can’t eat any cold drinks in the winter, especially cold and sweet foods such as chocolate ice cream.

  If your child has anorexia, you can make him something delicious to ease it.

You can use boiled mandarin duck, cumin, tangerine peel, star anise, cloves, cinnamon to boil tea eggs for children.

  You can also drink it with Daoxiangchen and hawthorn.

When eating, put Amomum 4.

5 grams and 12 grams of chicken inner gold are wrapped in gauze and boiled with pork belly or rabbit stomach.

  There are also external recipes to try.

30 grams of ginger and 6 grams of betel nut are finely ground and placed in the navel for 2 days.

  Patients with acute bronchial hypertension who eat pig liver carrots and sesame sauce bronchial bronchitis are also an increasing number of patients in autumn and winter, and most of them develop at night.

Because after winter, the temperature difference between day and night starts to increase, but the sun during the day still makes people habitually come to fall as summer.Therefore, cold, cold, runny nose, and sneezing are all factors that induce acute attacks.

  Patients can eat foods such as liver, egg yolk, and carrots.

Because these foods contain higher vitamin A, they have a moisturizing and protective effect on the lungs and trachea.

There are also higher calcium foods, such as sesame sauce, can also be eaten to enhance the allergy of the trachea.

  Cooked land: It is simpler to soak the cooked land in boiling water or drink it in soup, which not only replenishes the body, but also has a good relief effect on pressurization.

For the more complicated ones, you can also use cooked ground, Ganoderma lucidum slices, astragalus and licorice to make tea, which not only nourish the spleen and stomach, moisturize the throat, but also improve the body’s immunity.

  Lotus seeds, lily: Whether for COPD patients or hospitalized patients, if you have symptoms of yin deficiency with dry mouth and throat, you can also add lotus seeds and lily to the brewing medicine to relieve it.