Psychological Test Your Sexual Seduction Index

Psychological Test Your Sexual Seduction Index

What is your sexual temptation index?

Measure and see.

  In the evening, you sprained your foot while walking on a remote road. You need to stop the tunnel to cross the road and carry you back to the city. Among the shuttle vehicles, you will beckon to some kind of passing vehicles?


Truck B.

Sedan C.

Off-road vehicle D.

Choose A for the result analysis of the roadster. The temptation index * looks awkward and awkward. It is clear that people who love to flirt with the prelude are in love. When the desire strikes, they are a bit overbearing. They lack the tenderness and comfort.I feel that the process of making love is only a mechanical movement, and it is not interesting.

Over time, it is possible to lose each other’s love.

Choose B. The seduction index ** is a stable and comfortable sedan. It represents people who flirt according to the habitual rules. Before each sex, they are a fixed model of kissing the neck and breasts.

Although the sexual partners did not show any complaints, they felt dull in their hearts.

Choose C, the temptation index *** Unruly off-road vehicle, rough and wild, represents someone who is good at igniting the flame of passion of each other, some people, regardless of men and women, understand each other perfectly to show their charming posture, and they know how to know Dang RuoruoIf the ground touches the most sensitive part of the partner, the sexual partner can’t wait to fall into the abyss of happiness.

Choosing D, the temptation index is a stylish and avant-garde roadster, exquisite and noble, unrestrained, represents an absolute flirt master, mysterious and charming, likes to build a romantic alternative, and has a deep study of foreplay.

The groaning moan emanating from passion is full of sexual partners drunk.