a sex game that makes an opponent ecstasy

a “sex” game that makes an opponent ecstasy

While making men ecstasy, you will also enjoy happiness from the inside out and enjoy the passion that is provoked by you.

Let the “self-help game” accompany you to sneak into the depths of men, explore their erotic delusions, and crack the sex passwords of men’s strong appearance.
.hzh {display: none; }  ☆ 穿上衣服再做  别怀疑,至少穿上一件衣服。Men feel that women who wear clothes have a special wild and wave-like feeling.
The soft touch of the clothes and the irregular shaking of your body are the beauty that they enjoy when making love.
The 29-year-old netizen said: “The soft touch of clothes will always provoke my wild original desire.
My girlfriend has a big T-shirt that feels good. Every time I ask her to wear it and make love with me.
☆ Make good use of your hair For men, your hair has a special magic.
Learn to let him lie down, then gently tease his body with his hair, he will feel that he is lying in another virtual sex park.
  ☆ pet his baby American sex education scholars said that in fact, the bottom of the baby is the most sensitive area of men.
You just need to change the grip, let your fingers down to tease his sensitive area, and warmly surround his baby with his hand, he will immediately lose your mind for you.
Then, it’s time for you to enjoy. ☆ Silently lure What is more fascinating than a woman who doesn’t talk or wear clothes?
Luo Wen, 24, said: “My girlfriend was standing in front of me and taking off her clothes one by one when I was talking to my dad.
I can’t think anything, I can only answer my dad, “Well. yeah!
对对,呃……”挂上电话后,我们等不及在厨房就……  ☆ 换角色添情趣  床上偶尔玩些不同的花招,能增加你俩的情趣,制造一、二个不同的情境,效果Will exceed your imagination.
“My girlfriend used to pretend that this was her first time when she made a love,” said 33-year-old Wen Zheng. “And I have never been so passionate in my life, she is really a great actor.
☆ Send him a souvenir Scratch, bite mark or sexy hidden hickey, let him think of things, always think of your day’s wave.
Or bite his lower lip, let the tingling sensation every other day, remind him from time to time to remind you of your breathing, orgasm, or you can be around him, leaving little things on your body, such as a cutePants, etc., this will make you occupy his mind all day long.