Create a zero chemical pollution health home

Create a “zero chemical pollution” health home

In modern life, chemical products can be described as ubiquitous in the home space, and inadvertently created a variety of chemical pollution as a healthy housewife, should start from their own dwelling to learn to create a zero-chemistry healthy life.
  The survey shows that women’s hands are exposed to chemical pollution ten times that of men.
Excessive use of household detergents and improper handling of decorative waste are polluting the housewife’s hands and the health of the family.
At the same time, domestic waste, including wastewater, is still polluting groundwater and soil, causing the growing plants to undergo a new round of chemical pollution.
We are the hostess of a family and the master of this planet.
Learn to reduce chemical pollution at home, not only for the family and their own health, but also for the health of the entire planet.
  Where is the danger of household chemicals?
  Experts say that many modern diseases are related to chemical pollution.
Among them, detergents such as detergents, detergents, and toilet bowls contain alkali, as well as organic substances such as foaming agents and proteases, which can “absorb” the skin’s moisture, denature tissue proteins and destroy cell membranes; and remove oiliness on the skin surface.Protect the layer and then corrode the skin.
Experts have found that most of the chemical thinners and detergents contain chlorides, and excessive amounts of chloride can damage the female reproductive system.
The fluorescent agents and whitening agents contained in some detergents are not easily decomposed after invading the human body, and will accumulate in the body and damage the lymphatic system, causing a decrease in resistance and even a potential carcinogenic factor.
Keep away from chemical pollution, you should start from the food, clothing, housing and living of your home.
  Washing – in fact, zero chemistry Experts have found that the most direct and most influential pollution that threatens the health of the public is pesticides and detergents.
Therefore, many countries advocate green agriculture and advocate housewives to reduce the amount of chemical detergents.
There is too much chemical pollution in the city’s sewers.
Excessive cleaning has become another problem of environmental pollution.
  Smart and healthier Compared to washing dishes, the most “zero-chemical” health method is to use alkaline water to heat the water. This simple DIY detergent has good oil removal effect and does not pollute the water source.
The water dispenser at home can be cleaned directly with white vinegar.
If you need to sterilize meals and kitchen utensils, cook them in hot water and use a highly corrosive disinfectant.
  It is more necessary to clean the fruits and vegetables. It can be washed with a sufficient amount of water and then soaked in light salt water for five minutes to ensure the hygiene of vegetables and fruits, even if it is eaten raw.
  Clever choice of laundry detergent Laundry should avoid the use of synthetic detergent, preferably non-phosphorus, benzene-free, non-fluorescent whitening agent soap powder.
When washing clothes, the laundry detergent should be added in an appropriate amount. Warming the water to fully dissolve and soak the laundry detergent for about 20 minutes can better exert the decontamination performance of the laundry detergent.
In addition, there are currently zero chemical detergents on the market, and the packaging uses PET degradable technology, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly.
  Beware of chemical traps in the bathroom The bathroom can also be cleaned with white vinegar or water, or a chemical with zero chemical content.
It is worth reminding not to mix toilet powder with bleach and disinfectant.
Because of the chemical reaction that occurs during mixing, a higher concentration of chlorine is produced, resulting in inhaled chlorine poisoning.
  Understand self-protection When you need to contact chemicals such as detergents, you should take appropriate protective measures, such as wearing rubber gloves when washing clothes or tableware, and wearing a mask when wiping the toilet.
If your hands often deal with chemical detergents, you can also rub some homemade moisturizers and liquids. For example, mix 8 to 10 times of diluted white vinegar with external glycerin (purified glycerin must be diluted) to neutralize alkaline washing.Liquid to prevent chemicals from damaging the skin of the hands.
  Environmental protection and air deodorization of home improvement furniture – the more natural and safer, the initiative to carry out indoor air quality testing.
Home is the main space of our life, decoration or adding new furniture, in addition to insisting on the use of environmentally friendly products, it is best to ask professionals to conduct air quality testing.
  Environmentally friendly, light decoration Whether the decoration of the home is green is not visible with the eyes.
Try to lightly decorate and choose environmentally friendly materials.
Newly renovated houses may wish to ask the authorities to carry out decoration pollution inspection to ensure safety and then check in.
  Zero chemical wardrobe The sanitary ball in the closet can be replaced by dried pineapple skin, orange peel or lemon peel. In addition, activated carbon and bamboo charcoal can be placed in different home corners instead of air freshener.
  Renovate the leftovers and handle the materials. Never put the unused paint into the sewer.
In addition to being transferred to neighbors or friends who need to be renovated, there are many decoration and real estate websites on the Internet that have surplus materials exchange columns.
You can post the transfer information of the remaining materials to the Internet and wait for the echo.
A small amount of unused paint can be dried in a cool place, and a plastic block-like thing can be thrown into the trash can.  Clever use of the summer of ultraviolet light, giving smart housewives a lot of free disinfection opportunities.

For example, the household bedding, pillows, sofa cushions, etc. can be fully aired at noon when the sun is strongest, to achieve zero chemical sterilization and sterilization, environmentally friendly and convenient.

The clothes in the dry cleaners must be fully aired in the sun for 24 hours before being safe.

  DIY plant car aroma every day, we have less time in the car to say more than an hour.

In this mobile home, as the owner you must also guarantee the zero chemical health principles.

In addition to regularly washing the body with medium water (instead of excessive use of chemical detergents), it should also be frequently opened to the window to circulate air and ultraviolet sterilization.

In addition, use the plant essential oil and water to mix DIY car fragrance in a ratio of 1:10, so that the fragrance is naturally the most healthy.

  The arrival of flowers and insect repellent methods in summer, mosquito repellent and pest control has become a top priority for babies.

After boiling for half an hour with wormwood and boiled water, bathing your child can kill mosquitoes and kill lice.

Or, apply lavender body lotion after showering before going to bed, you can also achieve the effect of anti-mosquito and sleep, kill two birds with one stone.

Traveling out, you can prepare emulsions with lavender essential oil ingredients for the whole family, better than those chemical anti-mosquito solutions.