Ma Hua Volkswagen Aerobics Getting Started ABC

Ma Hua Volkswagen Aerobics Getting Started ABC

Some beginners of mass aerobics do not understand the characteristics and laws of their sports, or copy the exercise methods of other sports, or blindly exercise themselves, the results often backfire, and even go into misunderstanding, and then participate in aerobics exercise to generate doubt orI lost confidence.

Therefore, I deliberately listed eight points of attention to help beginners get out of the confusion as soon as possible and invest in scientific fitness exercises.


More intense aerobics is not necessarily suitable for everyone. First of all, you need to know if you have any diseases that are not suitable for exercise, such as kidney, liver disease, severe heart disease, diabetes and so on.

Don’t think that as long as exercise is good, you should follow your doctor’s advice.


You should choose a local fitness site with better reputation and better reputation and aerobics guidance. Because of this, it is possible to provide you with better fitness facilities and scientific aerobics content so that you can walk less or not.Thereby achieving the desired exercise effect.


Choosing the right fitness content for you First of all, figure out what you want to achieve, whether it is to lose weight or be strong, whether to widen the shoulders, or to thin the legs and so on.

Different purposes, training methods are also different, you must consult your fitness guidance, targeted exercise.

For example, if you want your legs to be thin, you can get more and more thick, but you don’t know where the problem is. This is caused by improper fitness content selection and inappropriate exercise methods.


Realize that your shoes are aerobics due to improper maintenance, foot, reorganization, and excessive calf injuries, and the important reason for this injury is to become a pair of suitable sports shoes.

When someone is exercising, aiming at the wristband, sweat band, knee pads, but bare feet or wearing gym shoes alternate with all kinds of light shoes, this is wrong, you should choose a pair of travel shoes suitable for you, the front of the sole should be soft, there is better improvement and flexion to absorb the impact of jumping action.

The texture of the sole should be versatile and easy to do a lot of exercise.

The tongue protects the instep and extensor tendon.

A slightly raised tongue at the back of the shoe prevents tendonitis.

From this point of view, a pair of suitable shoes will not only reduce the occurrence of twist injuries, sputum inflammation, muscle strain and other sports injuries, but also enhance your exercise.


Mastering the correct exercise intensity is different for each person’s age, work environment and sports foundation, so the exercise intensity is not the same. How can we make our sports have a scientific and reasonable amount?

Here we use heart rate to reflect the intensity of exercise, I provide a formula for big love, please calculate it yourself.

  (220 years old) X60% = A (heart rate per minute) (220 years old) X80% = B (heart rate per minute) A?
The range of heart rate between B is the number of heartbeats per minute while you exercise, not lower than A or higher than B.

  For example: 40-year-old male or female (220-40) X60% = 108 times / minute (220-40) X80% = 144 times / minute Your heart rate during aerobics should be maintained at 108-144 per minutebetween.

When exercising for about 20 minutes, step on the wrist artery and measure the pulse rate for 15 seconds (the first jump is 0, not 1) and then multiply by 4, which is your heart rate per minute, so the age increases and the exercise intensity is smaller.

  Appropriate exercise intensity, self-feeling should be: do not feel flustered during exercise, shortness of breath, feeling mild fatigue after exercise, but the whole body is comfortable, happy mood, increased appetite, improved sleep, full of energy.

On the contrary, it means that the exercise intensity is too large, which is not good for health, and should be opposite to exercise intensity.


Number of training If your exercise time is about 30 minutes, you can train every day; if it is 90 minutes to 120 minutes, the content is an alternative exercise, you should practice the next day, three or four times a week.


The idea of excluding “competition” in training, such as “competition”, “desperate” ideas, is harmful to fitness.

Should remain calm, relaxed, and stable mental state.


Sweating in appropriate proper water training before and after training will consume a lot of fluid in your body, which will reduce your strength, speed, endurance and heart output.

Therefore, add some clean water (cool boiled water) 1-2 hours before training and training. Also, plan to add some liquid after training. Don’t drink until you are thirsty.