What is your career suitable for your personality?

What is your career suitable for your personality?

What kind of scenery do you want to set off against a fiery red sun?

Please choose your favorite and dislike from the following six scenery, and then choose the type that suits you.

For example: the favorite choice is 1, the least favorite choice, you belong to F type.

  Scenery options: 1, forest in snow; 2, sand dunes; 3, volcano; 4, high-rise building; 5, strait; 6, nearby.

  The scorecard doesn’t like 1 2 3 4 5 6 like 1 F C D F C 2 B D D B C 3 C B A B A 4 D E A E A 5 F F D E 6 D C A A C: A, socially active: In the process of interacting with friends, you can continue to give play to your unique personality and talents.

You are very active and very reluctant to be a housewife. It is a service industry suitable for military insurance, sales or frequent contacts with many people.

And things like technical work and immutable transactional work are extremely unsuitable for you.

  B, the type of feeling of beauty: you have a lot of ideas, your appreciation of beauty is unique, and you can often show your strengths in the fields of music, television, and movies.

  C, wisdom analysis type: If you are passionate about the research of a certain knowledge, if you can continue this spirit, you can often shine in the field of knowledge and even become an authority figure.

Computer-related work is perfect for you.

  D, secretarial type: You handle things very neatly and neatly, so it is suitable to work as a corporate consultant, staff and secretary.

Your job requirements are extremely high, and you are only willing to pay for the people you respect and admire, so most of them are forced to work with physicians, scholars, and mass communications.

For women, they will continue their pre-marital work until after marriage.

  E, personality and skill type: You like to play freely in the field of work without being restrained. It can also be said that you yearn for the life of an artist.

As for women, they are likely to choose a job related to their own talents, or even take it as a lifelong career.

  F, Completely Competitive: You are the first to put your family first.

If you are a female, you will be a housewife willingly, and you must be a good wife and mother.

Conversely, if it is a male, it will be a problem for professional life.