Watermelon is a great summer food, it can treat a variety of

Watermelon is a great summer food, it can treat a variety of

Watermelon is the best summer food therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has a sweet and cold taste, clears heat and relieves heat, removes annoying diuresis, and quenches thirst.

The clever use of watermelon can cure a variety of alternatives and is practical.

  Take a lot of watermelon juice, heat stroke, add a small amount of salt, and drink frequently.

Remove the outer skin of fresh watermelon rind, cut into small pieces or strips, add water to boil, add a few tomato pieces, and cook just a little.

Drink soup and eat melon.

  60 grams of edema fresh watermelon rind, with winter melon rind, corn beard, 30 grams of red beans, 1 dose daily, decoction 2 times, for 5 days.

  15 grams of fresh watermelon peel with high blood pressure, cassia grass, 10 grams each of corn, 1 dose daily, decoction as tea, for 15 consecutive days.

  1500 grams of fresh watermelon peel with diabetes, remove the residue and outer skin, boil until the skin is thin, remove the skin and discard, take water as a frequent drink of tea, once a day.

Or 50 grams of fresh watermelon peel, 20 grams of winter melon peel, 15 grams of trichosanthin, Yuzhu each, 1 dose a day, decoction 2 times.

  Lung fever cough a whole watermelon, cut a small mouth, put 50 grams of rock sugar, cover, steam for 2 hours in the basket, eat melon and juice, once a day.

Use for 5 days.
  Toothache, aphthous melon peel, proper amount, dried, crunchy, grind finely, add any borneol, apply to the affected area.

Or watermelon simmered juice.

  15 grams of constipated watermelon seeds, smashed, add 15 grams of honey, and boil for half an hour.

Take once a day for 7 days.

  Excessive alcohol consumption can cause a large amount of watermelon 瓤, or melons 瓤 juice frequently.

  For sickle, first add 100 g of mung beans, add 1500 ml of water, and boil for 10 minutes. Discard the beans.

Add 500 grams of fresh watermelon peel, boil and cool.

1 dose per day, when drinking tea frequently.

7 consecutive days.
  Scorched watermelon, take the coriander juice in the bottle and let it stand for 3-4 months.

When the smell of sour plum soup is produced, filter, and wash the burned area with fresh saline or cold water, and then apply it to the affected area.

Several times a day.

  Burns, stomatitis, 15 grams of watermelon peel, 6 grams of fried dumplings, 10 grams of loquat red, licorice, Coptis chinensis each.

5 grams, add water to decoction 2 times.

  However, pay attention to the use of watermelon, cold spleen and stomach and wet physique, take orally.