Easy to lose weight in autumn, 6 kinds of fruits help you lose weight

Easy to lose weight in autumn, 6 kinds of fruits help you lose weight

Unconsciously, after entering the fall, people’s appetites are getting better and better.

We all know that eating fruit can help us lose weight, but what kind of fruit can you eat in the fall can help you lose weight?

Here are some recommended fruits that will help us lose weight. Let’s take a look!

  1, banana Although the volume of banana is high, but the trace content is very low, and rich in potassium, but also can not cause obesity, it is also very helpful to reduce adult accumulation in the lower body.

  2, the amount of grapefruit grapefruit is very low, it is not easy to cause too much to eat too much, and grapefruit is also rich in potassium, which helps to reduce the aunt’s lower body and water accumulation.

  3, tomatoes eat fresh tomatoes help diuretic, but also relieve leg fatigue, reduce the occurrence of edema.

Tomatoes have a better effect on raw food, but it is best not to eat raw food for women with spleen and stomach and menstruation.

  4, kiwi kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, the content of cellulose is also very rich, it helps to promote the decomposition of cockroaches, avoiding the accumulation of excessive cockroaches in the body.

  5, Hawthorn Hawthorn contains malic acid, ascorbic acid, enzymes and protein, starch, blood pressure lowering, promote digestion and digestion, can be good stomach and lungs, help digestion, lose weight.

Can be eaten directly, or you can take the hawthorn with boiling water, on behalf of tea, tea is light.

  6, apple apple is a good weight loss fruit, apple contains a variety of vitamins, fructose, etc. These are the essential nutrients of the brain.

Zinc in apples also enhances memory.

However, since the sour substance in the apple has a corrosive effect on the teeth, it is best to lick the mouth after eating the apple.

Because apple contains a small amount of glucose, it can not be used as a staple food to lose weight. It is best to eat it together with other diet foods to ensure that you get enough energy during weight loss.

  From a nutritional point of view, the body needs a variety of nutrients such as glucose, minerals, and protein.

If you rely on fruits for a long time, it will have an adverse effect on the human endocrine, digestive system, immune system and so on.

Fruits are indeed rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as bioactive substances that are good for human health, such as carotenoids, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins, and organic acids.

However, other nutrients needed by the human body, such as proteins essential for life, are low in fruit.

If a person does not eat meat or soy products and wants to completely supplement the protein needed every day through fruit, then at least 9,000 grams, that is, more than 18 pounds of fruit, can meet the needs of the body.

At the same time, non-heme iron in fruits is difficult to be used by the human body. Long-term use of fruits as a meal will definitely cause insufficient replacement of protein and iron, causing anemia and decreased immune function, because it is not worth the loss of health.

In addition, eating fruit for lunch, fatigue in the afternoon, to dinner can not help, it is inevitable to eat too much, so it is difficult to get weight loss, even more obese.

  Therefore, it is recommended that: 1, only eat eight full.

After eating lunch, the blood in the body will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion and absorption, during which the brain is in an anoxic state.

If you eat too much, it will prolong the brain’s time of partial hypoxia, which will affect the efficiency of the afternoon work; 2, let the fruit become a supporting role.

Occasionally eating fruit meals is also a must, not every day.

Eat some cereals for lunch. The main course can choose one fish or meat with some green vegetables.

Then, take a yogurt or fruit salad as a supplement after lunch; 3, a small amount of work, the more you need to eat a regular meal to replenish your energy.