How to do dry eyes, recommend eight eye care recipes

How to do dry eyes, recommend eight eye care recipes

Recipe one: radish porridge carrot 60 grams, 20 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of previous rice, onion, salt, MSG, sesame oil; carrots washed and sliced, put into the plate for use.

Chrysanthemum with water, water 2 times, boil for 20 minutes, 2 times flip (about 500 ml) combined, with carrots, rice together to cook porridge, when the porridge is hot, add onions, salt, sesame oil seasoning, ready to eatclothes.
Recipe 2: Yam porridge dry mountain mixed with 30 grams, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

Yam, glutinous rice with the right amount of sugar and porridge.

Let people have a warm breakfast.

The porridge supplements the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs, and strengthen the kidney.

Applicable to spleen deficiency diarrhea, kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, chronic chronic diarrhea, numbness and cough, lack of blood, food is not fragrant, dry mouth, drink, constipation.

Recipe three: pig liver mung bean porridge fresh pork liver 100 grams, 60 grams of mung beans, rice 100 grams, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Wash the mung beans and rice, and boil them in a wok. Then use a small fire and slowly simmer. When cooking until the age of eight, cut the sliced or strip-shaped pig liver into the pot and cook. Cook and season.The product is ready.

This porridge nourishes the liver and nourishes the blood, clears the eyesight, and emollients. It can make people radiant, especially suitable for those who are pale yellow, have decreased vision, and have dim and weak gifts.

Recipe four: 枸juju cassia cassia cassia 15 grams, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 枸杞 10 grams, 100 grams of rice, crystal sugar porridge, 1 time a day.

The porridge can also be added with some honey when it is taken, which can increase its moisturizing effect, and has a clear eye effect at the same time.

Recipe 5: 30 grams of mulberry mulberry mulberry, 60 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar.

Wash the mulberry and cook it with glutinous rice. Add boiled sugar until cooked.

The porridge can nourish the liver and nourish the blood, improve eyesight and puzzle, and is used for dizziness caused by liver deficiency and kidney deficiency, insomnia and dreams, tinnitus and backache, and need to be early white.

Recipe six, pine nuts tortilla raw materials: sweet corn, pine nuts, condensed milk, egg white, raw powder, the right amount of practice:


Put the sweet corn into the boiling water pot and knead it out.


Mix the corn kernels, condensed milk, egg white, and raw flour, and fry the pine nuts until they are slightly yellow.

Recipe Seven, egg sandwich ingredients: bread slices, eggs, cooked ham, salad dressing 1.

Cut the slices of bread to the sides, bake in a pot until one side is browned and remove.


Beat the eggs into the pan and fry them into poached eggs.


Apply a small amount of salad dressing to the slice of bread, put the ham slices, cross-cut tomatoes, cheese, poached eggs, and then cover the slices.

Recipe eight, fish green pepper raw materials: 100 grams of fish, 2 green peppers, egg white and onion ginger seasonings of the appropriate amount of practice:.


Cut the fish into small pieces, add salt, egg white, starch, and cut the green pepper.


Put the oil in the pan and heat it slightly. Put the fish and then put the green pepper and drain the oil.


Leave some oil in the pot, sauté the onion ginger, cook the wine, add the soup and salt to taste, then add the fish and green pepper, and use the egg white to thicken.