[Can bitter gourd be eaten in confinement]_Confinement_Can you eat

[Can bitter gourd be eaten in confinement]_Confinement_Can you eat

To say bitter food, I believe that the first thing many people think of is bitter gourd.

Although the taste of bitter gourd is sometimes unbearable, but in terms of health, bitter gourd is really a recommended food. It can clear the fire, moisten the lungs, eyesight, nourish the liver, and prevent many diseases.A vegetable eaten in summer and autumn.

So, can a woman eat bitter gourd in confinement?

Parturients should take bitter melon with caution.

Eating bitter gourd is good for human health, but for postpartum weak mothers, it is best to eat bitter gourd carefully to avoid physical harm.

During the period of confinement, the mother should not eat too much bitter food to avoid causing nausea and vomiting.

The bitter gourd is cold, and it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, so the weak postpartum mother must control the eating amount of bitter gourd.

But if eaten properly, bitter gourd can bring many benefits to the human body.

Bitter gourd has cooling and thirst-relieving effects on the heart, lungs, and stomach, and has the effect of eliminating evil heat, curing toxic fire, purifying the fire, purifying qi and quenching thirst, relieving fatigue, clearing the eyes and eyesight, enhancing appetite, nourishing blood, nourishing liver,The effect of spleen and kidney.

Promote metabolism and other effects.

Yishen diuretic, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing blood fat, antiviral.

After experiencing the pain of October pregnancy and childbirth, the maternal body is quite fragile during postpartum, and various organs and organs of the body are undergoing changes. Many mothers will develop symptoms of getting angry.

It is the best way to get angry through diet adjustment, and bitter gourd is the best product for getting off fire. Eating bitter melon in moderation can reduce the effectiveness of the fire and help postpartum recovery.

In addition, bitter gourd contains quinine, which can stimulate uterine contraction and help to restore the uterus after childbirth.

Studies have found that bitter gourd also has a significant hypoglycemic effect and has a certain effect on diabetes.

Diabetic women with gestational diabetes eat bitter gourds, which can speed up the recovery of the disease and reduce the intervention of diabetes as soon as possible.