[How long can I share a room with a child]

[How long can I share a room with a child]

Many women want to know how long they can have the same room after giving birth, which is understandable.

However, many women think that they only need to have sex with their body after the lochia disappears. In fact, this idea is incorrect because women cannot have sex with their uterus if they have not recovered after delivery.

Generally, after the birth of women, the cervix can not be completely closed within the complications. If it is sexual intercourse at this time, it will easily cause ascending infection of bacteria, resulting in gynecological inflammation such as cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

So, how long can a child have the same room after giving birth?

How long postpartum can be shared is determined by the way the mother gave birth (down delivery or caesarean section), postpartum recovery, etc. The appropriate time for intercourse is 2 months postpartum and 3 months postpartum, depending on the physical recovery of each person.A little different.

For normal childbirth, the general confinement time, that is, the puerperium period, is 42 days. This period is the repair period of the endometrium. After the puerperium period, if the mother’s body is not abnormal, theoretically she can share the same room.

The mother is normally guided by a doctor when she goes to the hospital for an examination 42 days after the birth. It depends on her physical recovery. Premature intercourse will cause great harm to the mother.

Under normal circumstances, the appropriate intercourse time for maternity mothers is 2 months after delivery.

The reason to wait for this is that it takes about 8 weeks for the female reproductive organs to return to normal. The vaginal mucosa, which is enlarged during childbirth, becomes thin, easily damaged, and needs to be restored again.

Specifically, how long after the caesarean section can be intersexed, medical research recommends that it is best to intersex after 3 months after the cesarean section, because the cesarean section has a surgical incision, the same room must wait until the wound after the cesarean section is healed.

After knowing how long a child can be in the same room after birth, I also hope you can pay attention to the need to pay attention to hygiene and normal contraception when sharing a room, because women may have normal menstruation after giving birth.If you do not take proper contraceptive measures, you may still be pregnant.