Four of the five career titles come from China, Sabalenka can be called Chinese daughter

Four of the five career titles come from China, Sabalenka can be called “Chinese daughter”
Sabalenka kisses the championship trophy.Figure / Zhuhai Super Classic Zhuhai WTA Super Classic ended today, Sabalenka defeated Bertens to win the championship.So far, Sabalenka has won three championships in Chinese competitions this season. Four of the five championships in his career have all come from China and have been dubbed “Chinese daughters” by fans.Today’s final is between top seed Bertens and fourth seed Sabalenka.There were not many twists and turns in the game. Sabalenka swept Bertens 6-4, 6-2 to win the championship, taking away 700 points and $ 720,000 in prize money.Early in the Shenzhen Open, Sabalenka defeated Risk to win the championship.A month ago at the Wuhan Open, Sabalenka again defeated Risk in the final to complete the defending.Counting the Super Classic champions just won in Zhuhai, Sabalenka’s three champions this season were all won in Chinese events.Sabalenka’s three championships this season are all from Chinese events.Figure / Zhuhai Super Classic career, Sabalenka won a total of 5 singles tour championships, in addition to winning last year in New Haven, other 4The Zhuhai WTA Super Classic in 2014) was won in China.So far this season, Sabalenka’s singles record is 39 wins and 22 losses, of which 17 wins come from the Chinese season, she is also affectionately known by fans as “Chinese daughter”.”I like playing in China very much, and Chinese fans like me very much.”After the game, Sabalenka said he enjoyed every race in China very much.After the Zhuhai WTA Super Classic, Sabalenka rushed to Shenzhen another night and she will partner with Mertens to participate in the doubles.In today’s other women’s doubles final, Kiechenok / Kleipac defeated Chinese group Duan Yingying / Yang Zhaoxuan 2-0 to win the championship.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wu Xingfa