[Efficacy and role of ginger peel]_ ginger peel _ must_ benefits

[Efficacy and role of ginger peel]_ ginger peel _ must_ benefits

We usually peel the ginger when we eat it, but everyone ignores that the ginger peel is still a very good medicinal material, and the therapeutic value is very high. The ginger peel is also called ginger coat. There are many records about the efficacy of ginger coat in ancient medical books.Now, Jiang Yi has a good effect in treating colds and stomach vomiting.

First, the effect of ginger peel: ginger peel is also called ginger coat, ginger peel is the rhizome outer skin of the ginger root ginger.

Ginger peel has the functions of relieving colds, relieving vomiting during warmth, relieving cough from warming lungs, relieving phlegm, relieving cough, and detoxifying. It is used to treat exogenous wind chills and stomach vomiting, and so on.People, you must not eat ginger.

Ginger Peel: The outer skin of ginger.

Spicy taste.

The effect of diuretic and swelling is suitable for urination and edema. It can be used with melon peel and mulberry peel.

The usual dosage is five cents to five cents a penny.

Ginger Juice: Ginger is washed and smashed, and its juice is taken into medicine.

The taste is spicy and lukewarm.

It has phlegm relieving and anti-vomiting effects. It is mainly used for nausea and vomiting and cough and sputum.

The general dosage is three drops to ten drops.

Ginger: Wash the original fresh ginger, wrap it in linen paper, soak it in clear water, and place it in the fire, scorch it until the linen paper is blackened and the ginger is cooked; or roast it directly in the fire.

Sexual taste is warm, has the function of stopping vomiting.

For spleen and stomach discord, nausea and vomiting.

The general dosage is two or three tablets, fried.

Sexual taste: Sin, cool.

① “Materia Medica”: “cold.

“②” Outline “: Xin, cold, non-toxic.

“Effects and effects of ginger peel. The effect of ginger peel: 1.Ginger peel is used for colds, colds, fever, aversion to colds, etc .: Ginger is used to relieve the epidermis, mainly for the spread of colds.Taking brown sugar and taking it with heat can often relieve sweat and prevent colds.

Ginger has a weak sweating effect. It is often used in conjunction with ephedra and cinnamon sticks. As a supplementary medicine for sweat resolution, it can enhance sweating power.

2. Ginger peel is used for stomach cold and vomiting: Ginger has to be vomited and can be used alone to treat stomach cold and vomiting.

It can also cure stomach vomiting, with Pinellia, Zhuru, Coptis, etc.

3, ginger peel detoxification: ginger can detoxify fish and crab, used alone or with shiso.

Ginger can also relieve Pinellia terrestris, produce poison of Nanxing, decoction and drink. It can be used in mid-pinellia, swelling and numbness of the mouth and tongue caused by Nanxing poison.

Therefore, when processing Pinellia ternata and Nanxing, the same system of ginger is often used to reduce its toxicity.

Third, ginger skin taboos: those with yin deficiency and fire, those with red eyes, or those with carbuncle, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, renal artery nephritis, diabetes, hemorrhoids, should not be consumed for a long time.Ginger, especially those with Yin deficiency, must not eat ginger.